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Complete DAT Home Study Review Course with 5 Full-length Practice Tests (4 Books, Online NS Videos, Online Software for the Dental Admission Test and Interview Online Video)

Complete DAT Home Study Course with 5 Full-length Practice Tests (4 Books, Online NS Videos, MP3s, flashcards, Software for the Dental Admission Test and Interview DVD)

Gold Standard DAT follows the syllabus that the American Dental Association (ADA) publishes, listing the topics you must learn to master the DAT exam.

Finally, you don't have to pay $1500 for top quality. See below for sample pages. Fully updated and comprehensive DAT test review! It's like a DAT course and tutor in your home at your own pace!

Product Summary:

  • The Gold Standard DAT Complete 4-Book Set with personal online access code which has the details of all sections you need to review for the DAT plus practice material and 2 full-length online DAT practice tests with detailed solutions; works on PC and MAC (1408 pages; we promised 2000 practice questions on the cover of the book, now we have developed over 3000 practice questions in the books & online at no extra charge! see below for table of contents).​
  • TopScore Pro License Key to unlock downloadable TopScore Pro online software program with simply the best DAT practice tests available (2018 Ed.; 3 full computerized DAT practice tests, 18 exams); works using Windows on a PC and Mac. The TopScore Pro includes digital review guide for the DAT including PAT, Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning; 3 Complete DAT tests,comprehensive detailed solutions, automatic scoring & diagnostic reports. Up to 7 months of online access from the activation date. Access codes are nonrefundable.
  • A comprehensive Gold Standard Natural Science review (15 hours) for the DAT with CLEAR teaching. 6 months online access.
  • Summary MP3 reviews major points for the Natural Sciences (3 hours). MP3 files will be delivered by email within 1 business day.
  • To read detail reviews from dental and pre-dental students, click here: Gold Standard DAT Reviews

The Retail Price of all the items above is already over $500, so here are some more bonus items:

  • Medical School Interview + MMI Online Video: 100 min; can be used to help for dental school interviews.
  • Science Review flashcards iPhone or Android app to help you review.

Note: We are currently working on updating our DAT apps. If your app is not compatible with your phone, please contact us at learn@gold-standard.com.

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DAT 4-Book Review Tables of Contents
DAT Biology DAT Chemistry
Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test) Gold Standard DAT 4 book set
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Gold Standard DAT 4 book set Gold Standard DAT PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) Strategies and Practice, Gold Standard Full-length Exam (Dental Admission Test), Dental School Interview Advice

Can't I use MCAT books instead?

There are many important DAT topics that are either not on the MCAT or are so rare as MCAT questions that the topics are not properly reviewed in MCAT books. Here is a partial list: photosynthesis and plant biology, cladistics, genetic technology, animal behavior and learning, population and community ecology, ecosystems, social behaviors of animals, general chemistry laboratory techniques and glassware, alkene, alkyne, ether and aromatic chemistry, multi-step organic syntheses, etc. The Gold Standard DAT was designed specifically for the DAT so all ADA topics are presented in color followed by chapter review questions, answers and explanations.

Natural Sciences Review Videos Index:


Introduction, DAT Study Plan, The Eukaryotic Cell, Plasma Membrane, The Cell's Interior, DNA, The Cell Cycle, Protein Synthesis; Viruses, Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes, Bioenergetics, The Neuron, The Nervous System, The Endocrine System I, The Endocrine System II; The Menstrual Cycle, The Circulatory System, Blood Composition, Lymphatic and Immune Systems, The Digestive System I, The Digestive System II; The Excretory System I, The Excretory System II, Gametogenesis (Meiosis), Genetics I, Genetics II, Genetics III, Genetics IV, Genetics V.


Stereochemistry I, Stereochemistry II, Stereochemistry III, Reaction Mechanisms I, Reaction Mechanisms II, Reaction Mechanisms III, The Carbonyl Group I, The Carbonyl Group II; The Carbonyl Group III, Acetals/Ketals I, Acetals/Ketals II, Substitution I, Substitution II, Substitution III, Carboxylic Acids I, Carboxylic Acids II; The Tetrahedryl Intermediate, Amides, Amino Acids, Protein Structure, Elimination I*, Elimination II*, Alkenes I*, Free Radicals, Redox Reactions; Redox Reactions II*, Redox Reactions III , Aromatic Rings I*, Aromatic Rings II*, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Elimination vs. Substitution*.


The Atom, The Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds, Hydrogen Bonds, Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Lewis Dot Structures; Multiple Bonds, Resonance, Molecular Polarity, Hybridization, Hybrid Orbitals, Gases, Avogadro's Law, Equation of State, Graham's Law, Liquids, Maxwell's Distribution Plot; Boiling, Melting Points, Le Chatelier's Principle, Solutions, Phase Diagrams, Raoult's Law, Boiling, Freezing Point Changes, Acids and Bases, Acids and Bases: Strong, Acids and Bases: Weak, Titrations; Oxidation Numbers, Solubility Product, Thermochemistry, Calorimetry, Thermodynamics, Hess's Law, Rate Law, Energy Diagrams, Electrolysis, Electrochemical Cell.

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