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For over 25 years we have been helping students fulfil their dreams of securing entry to the dental school of their choice. Our innovative study books were awarded winner of the USA Best Book Award in the Education/Academic Teaching category. Our practice tests have been designed specifically for the DAT test, following the exact format and timings to make sure you are fully prepared for the big day.


How to Make Your DAT Preparation Personal

Preparing for the DAT exam can feel stale, disinteresting, and at times restrictive. Pouring over pages of facts and formulas for hours can easily become frustrating. Enter your DAT personal notes!...

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Effective Note Taking for the DAT

That’s right, effectively studying for the DAT requires more than just reading through pages and pages of review books. Like every other important exam you have taken, acing the DAT will require you to study actively.

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Overcoming Your DAT Exam Fears

The last thing you want to do a few days or a few hours before a major exam, like the DAT, is to cram. The worst thing that can happen is to lose your confidence for the test! So, remember that while preparation is key to a successful...

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How to Take DAT Practice Tests: A 5-Point Guide

DAT practice tests are the best way to get ready for the DAT test. However, for the most benefit you must take almost a scientific approach to taking practice tests.

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