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Free DAT Practice Test Online: Practice Makes Perfect!

Your Free Online DAT Practice Test (GS-Free) Features

Try our fully-updated Gold Standard DAT practice test online (GS-Free) and you will get access to:

  • 1 abbreviated FREE DAT practice test online by Gold Standard (GS) which is approximately 1/3 of a full-length exam. We closely follow the format of the ADA (the official organization that constructs the real exam) so that you know what to expect: Onscreen formatting, the degree of difficulty, the wide range of question types, etc., are all carefully adjusted to reflect an authentic exam experience.
  • You also get access to hours of DAT PAT videos and Natural Sciences videos which help to further clarify answers and explanations.
  • Your practice test is 100% online with instant access.
  • GS-Free covers all 4 sections: Natural Sciences (NS), Quantitative Reasoning (QR), Reading Comprehension (RC) and DAT PAT!
  • You will also gain access to free helpful explanations and instant scores for all 4 sections.
  • The content is so representative of the real exam that this free DAT practice test can be used as a 'diagnostic' to assess your preparedness.
  • All of our DAT sample questions include forum threads to discuss solutions and to access experienced teachers and tutors who can answer your test questions, for free!

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Please note the following sources for more free DAT practice test questions from the American Dental Association (ADA): 2007 Edition full-length exam except that the RC is abbreviated (free PDF download): Free DAT Practice Test.