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12 DAT Practice Tests: Full-Length Exams with Helpful Explanations

Gold Standard DAT Practice Tests

DAT Practice Tests Online: Gold Standard and Bohr Prep

12 full-length DAT Practice Tests (NS, QR, RC, PAT) with detailed solutions; 100% Online; ADA Format

  • 12 new full-length DAT practice tests which simulate the real exam in terms of onscreen computer formatting, range of question types, as well as the overall level of difficulty.
  • 100% online with instant access. All 4 sections: Natural Sciences (NS), Perceptual Ability (PAT), Reading Comprehension (RC) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR)!
  • Explanations and instant scores for all 4 multiple-choice sections.
  • Dozens of hours of Natural Sciences videos and Perceptual Ability videos to help you better understand test question explanations.
  • One payment with online access for up to 7 months.
  • Bonus: A Gold Standard (GS) free mini sample practice exam (1/3 length, GS-Free) - with different practice questions - will be automatically added to any mock exam purchase that you make.
  • Get one test for $30 (GS) or twelve tests (GS + Bohr Prep) for the discounted rate of $199 (save $160!) which includes an additional bonus: A DAT Question Bank covering all subsections with over 3500 questions with helpful explanations.
  • Works with Windows/PC and Mac/Apple.
  • You can repeat any exam section as often as you want during your access period; each attempt is saved with scores, answers and helpful explanations in your History section.

Please note:

GS-1 access is the web-based version of the paper exam in our Gold Standard DAT PAT book.

GS-2 access is a web-based exam provided for free if you purchase the Gold Standard DAT 6-Book Set or the Complete DAT Package.

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DAT Practice Tests: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access a DAT practice test for free?

Yes, in fact, you can access DAT practice tests for free. To begin with, Gold Standard (GS) offers a fully-updated online mock exam with helpful explanations covering all 4 sections. Your free exam includes scaled scores and you can retake the test as often as you wish. If you are not sure that you wish to purchase exams at this time, test drive the abbreviated GS-Free mock exam: Free DAT Practice Test (note that this exam is automatically added to any purchases on this website.) Note that each of Gold Standard, Kaplan and Princeton Review offer a DAT practice test for free.

What about a free DAT practice test with questions designed from the American Dental Association (ADA)? The 2007 Edition was a free pdf download and almost a full-length exam (except that the RC is abbreviated). Although the exam was relatively old, most of the questions and the range of topics were useful for DAT preparation. Unfortunately, in 2022, for the first time since its initial publication, the ADA stopped making the 2007 free practice test downloadable from its website.

Note: Keep visiting this Gold Standard DAT website for updates regarding our free, detailed solutions for the ADA mock exam.

Do I really need 12 DAT practice tests in order to ace the real exam?

Not necessarily, it really depends on your academic background and the DAT score that you are aiming for. There are many students who believe that 'more DAT practice is better'; however, perhaps a more pragmatic expression would be: 'more effective DAT practice is better'.

There is little value to have extra full-length DAT practice tests if you don't have the time and motivation to use them as full-length walkthrough. Ideally, each attempt includes a careful review of answers and explanations over 1-2 days per exam, associated with careful notetaking. Frankly, re-taking mock exams is not an efficient use of time for most students. However, taking brief, effective notes from your practice test experience and reviewing all of those notes several times per week builds knowledge, reasoning and confidence moving forward. In other words, you should choose the number of mock exams according to your needs, budget and schedule.

Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John C. Maxwell

What are the best DAT practice tests?

The best DAT practice tests are produced by the ADA (1), Gold Standard (2) and Bohr Prep (10). We have already provided you with the link to the free ADA exam and here is the link to access the ADA’s best, fee-based Updated ADA DAT Practice Test

Some companies try to make DAT practice tests harder than the real exam. Note that the best DAT practice tests should have the correct balance of questions that would be expected on the real exam as well as the proper range of easy, challenging and average difficulty questions. Thus, a meticulously-crafted mock exam should not be easier or harder, but rather, it should reproduce a realistic experience.

Aside from the realism of the content and the computer-based formatting, the best DAT practice tests must come with explanations so clear that they can be used as an additional learning tool. You will find all of these attributes across the free and paid GS and Bohr Prep mock exams.

Where can I find a DAT practice test pdf file?

Gold Standard (GS) offers DAT practice test pdf files with an online reader to help you prepare. Gold Standard has the fully-updated, full-length GS-1 practice test pdf format as part of the following Masters Series eBook currently available for $24.95: DAT PAT.

We already mentioned that the ADA had a free mock exam pdf that could be downloaded from the ADA prior to 2022 (2007 Edition, most of the content remains relatively helpful for test preparation). The ADA also had, just a few years ago, the 2009 Edition practice exam pdf (no longer downloadable from the ADA).

Does Gold Standard offer other health-related, non-DAT practice tests?

Yes, Gold Standard offers many other practice exams including MCAT practice tests, OAT practice tests and GAMSAT practice tests.