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Gold Standard DAT Quantitative Reasoning (QR/Math)
(Dental Admission Test)

  • Title: DAT QR Masters Series, Quantitative Reasoning (QR/Math) Review, Preparation and Practice for the Dental Admission Test by Gold Standard DAT
  • SRP: $29.99
  • Format: Paperback book
  • Pages: 270 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-927338-50-6
  • Publisher: RuveneCo Inc.
  • Authors: DAT-prep.com, Gold Standard DAT
  • Series: Book 6 of 6
  • Description: The Gold Standard DAT QR provides a comprehensive review of math skills and practice questions for DAT QR. Innovative strategies presented. Hundreds of practice questions are in the book with helpful solutions. Chapters contain review content and strategies that are followed by practice multiple choice questions with useful explanations. This book also contains the content covering OAT QR.
  • Paperback book
  • PRICE: $29.99

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  • PRICE: $14.95

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Official ADA DAT Quantitative Reasoning Test Content (40 questions)

  1. Mathematical Problems:

    Algebra (equations and expressions, inequalities, exponential notation, absolute value, ratios and proportions, and graphical analysis); Numeric calculations (fractions and decimals, percentages, approximations, and scientific notation); Conversions (temperature, time, weight, and distance); Probability and Statistics; Geometry; and Trigonometry

  2. Applied Mathematics (Word) Problems

    Note that QR is the only DAT subtest with access to a basic four-function calculator which is available on the computer screen throughout DAT QR.

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