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Gold Standard DAT General Chemistry Review (Dental Admission Test)

Gold Standard General Chemistry BookGold Standard DAT General Chemistry Table of ContentsDAT General Chemistry Test Content

  • Title: DAT General Chemistry Masters Series, Review, Preparation and Practice for the Dental Admission Test by Gold Standard DAT
  • SRP: $49.95
  • Format: Paperback book or eBook
  • Pages: 408 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-927338-62-9
  • Publisher: RuveneCo Inc.
  • Authors: DAT-prep.com, Gold Standard DAT
  • Series: Book 2 of 6
  • Description: Comprehensive chemistry review in color from the atom to thermodynamics to acids/bases to electrochemistry; bonus: General Chemistry Equation List. All DAT General Chemistry content is covered with clear explanations, DAT practice questions and helpful solutions. Chapters begin with learning objectives and finish with practice multiple choice questions followed by useful explanations. This book also contains the content covering OAT General Chemistry, and Canadian DAT General Chemistry.
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Can't I use MCAT books instead?

There are many important DAT General and Organic Chemistry topics that are either not on the MCAT or are so rare as MCAT questions that the topics are not properly covered in MCAT books. Here is a partial list: general chemistry laboratory techniques and glassware, alkene, alkyne, ether and aromatic chemistry, multi-step organic syntheses, etc. The Gold Standard DAT was designed specifically for the DAT so all ADA topics are presented in color followed by chapter review questions, answers and explanations.

Gold Standard General Chemistry Table of Contents

  1. Stoichiometry
  2. Electronic Structure and the Periodic Table
  3. Bonding
  4. Phases and Phase Equilibria
  5. Solution Chemistry
  6. Acids and Bases
  7. Thermodynamics
  1. Enthalpy and Thermochemistry
  2. Rate Processes in Chemical Reactions
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. Nuclear Chemistry
  5. Laboratory

Chapter Review Solutions General Chemistry Equation List and Tables

Official ADA DAT General Chemistry Test Content (30 questions)

  1. Stoichiometry and General Concepts:

    Percent composition, empirical formulas, balancing equations, moles and molecular formulas, molar mass, density, and calculations from balanced equations

  2. Gases:

    Kinetic molecular theory of gases, Dalton's, Boyle's, Charles’s, and ideal gas law

  3. Liquids and Solids:

    Intermolecular forces, phase changes, vaporpressure, structures, polarity, and properties

  4. Solutions:

    Polarity, properties (colligative, non-colligative), forces, and concentration calculations

  5. Acids and Bases:

    pH, strength, Brønsted-Lowry reactions, and calculations

  6. Chemical Equilibria

    Molecular, acid/ base, precipitation, calculations, and Le Chatelier’s principle.

  7. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry:

    Laws of thermodynamics, Hess’s law, spontaneity, enthalpies and entropies, and heat transfer

  1. Chemical Kinetics:

    Rate laws, activation energy, and half-life

  2. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions:

    Balancing equations, determination of oxidation numbers, electrochemical calculations, and electrochemical concepts and terminology

  3. Atomic and Molecular Structure:

    Electron configuration, orbital types, Lewis-Dot diagrams, atomic theory, quantum theory, molecular geometry, bond types, and sub-atomic particles

  4. Periodic Properties:

    Representative elements, transition elements, periodic trends, and descriptive chemistry

  5. Nuclear Reactions:

    Balancing equations, binding energy, decay processes, particles, and terminology

  6. Laboratory:

    Basic techniques, equipment, error analysis, safety, and data analysis

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